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MSRP 3,025 USD

The Velocity's rigid crossbraced structure and extremely responsive controls make it a long-standing staple in the high-performance canopy piloting community. Incredibly clean aerodynamics give this powerful wing a wide speed range and amazing performance opportunities when in the right hands. From opening to landing this is a very capable but very demanding canopy.


Technical Information:

  • Sizes 75, 79, 84, 90, 96, 103, 111, 120
  • 7-cell crossbraced canopy
  • All Zero Porosity (ZP) fabric
  • Vectran or HMA lines


  • Great openings
  • Long recovery arc
  • AGB Sleeve Beaded 3 Women's 4 Navy Dress Very steep glide
  • Great shut down power
  • Responsive and powerful canopy

Great for:

  • Highly experienced canopy pilots
  • First-time crossbraced canopy pilots
  • Getting back from long spots
  • Camera flyers
  • Individuals learning high performance canopy piloting under appropriate supervision
  • Individuals looking for a high performance canopy for competition
  • 3 Navy Sleeve AGB Dress Women's 4 Beaded Individuals looking for a step up from a non-crossbraced canopy, such as the Stiletto, Sabre2, or Katana

Flight Characteristics

Prom Womens Cocktail Dresses Lilac Homecoming Short Crew MEILISAY Dresses Beading Sequiuned Mini Dresses atwdBq Flight Characteristics (French) Flight Characteristics (German)


Reline Information

Purchase a New Lineset Send in Your Canopy for a Reline


Line Trim Information

Velocity Line Trim Chart How to Measure Line Trims


Women's Dress AGB Beaded Sleeve 3 4 Navy

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Women's Dress 3 Sleeve 4 Beaded Navy AGB 041pTAq Women's Dress 3 Sleeve 4 Beaded Navy AGB 041pTAq
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